When one has truly tasted of the Holy Spirit, it is easy to understand from that side of the coin, but it is hard to see when one has not tasted this peace. For as honey is sweet, the word "sweet" is only a word by it's self, when you have not tasted honey before, for it is in the tasting of honey that one can understand the word "sweet." Many Christian believers claim to have it, and some that have it move very extraordinarily in the gifts of miracles, strength, and wisdom.

There are hundreds of very different ways and principles that the Holy Ghost will help influence your life as well. From the Holy Bible you can read that Holy Ghost is a teacher, a guide, a comforter and much more. Most often we need to grow in the Lord and into the full power of the Holy Spirit, and this does take time. So be encouraged, for even the life-saving boat that Noah built (known as the ark) was not built in a day, but rather it took many years. All great works take time to create and I can not think of any greater work than what is being built inside of you and me, for even his kingdom is in you. With that said, if you are an older believer be of an understanding heart with the younger believers in their joy of what may seem like a baby step in their understanding of the Lord. 

Here are some ways the Holy Ghost moves in lives today which you can experience in your life, too. I could also show examples of the Holy Ghost moving in people from the Bible, but I would like to show you that he is indeed moving in peoples’ lives in our day and age. 

1. Power of Peace - Peace of the heart does not seem so powerful on the surface, but compared to “chaos and mayhem,” peace is pretty good. It gets even better when this power of peace from the Holy Spirit is at work in the middle of chaos, pain, and suffering. It was this foundation of peace, this deep seated feeling of God in me, that I believe has kept me moving as a Christian believer when things go bonkers.

How to get the peace of God? Ask and He will give. It is important to understand that getting to be full of the peace of the Holy Ghost, is to have the Holy Ghost in you. This also means you will have all the power that is in him if you will receive him through Jesus. Jesus’ love and the blood he shed for us covers many, many sins.

Are there conditions to getting the Holy Ghost and keeping him abiding in you and the peace he brings? Yes, there are conditions, not many but some. One condition is to be without active sin in your life. There is a war on to keep sin out and the Holy Ghost in. It is much easier to war against sin when one has tasted of the good and powerful peace of God that is in the Holy Ghost. If he leaves, you will know it and you will miss him. As for me, I do not want him to go anywhere. If there is sin, repent quickly. It is in your best interest to war against something so destructive as sin, for sin will lead to death and there is no peace in this death. As for peace, it is of greater power and might than death itself. Yet, be aware that often devils will go after this peace and try to rob it away from you, for it causes them no small torment to see you at peace and rest. 

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So what is the source of the true power of the Christian life? Well, it is the Father, the Son - Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Ghost and these three are one.

The one part that I would like to bring attention to is the latter of the three foundations. It is in this secret that we find the power to stand in the most fiery trials of life. Even though this power is right in front of us, very few can see or taste of it. This power is from the Holy God himself, known as the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. 
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