We have an agreement with God to war against sin in our lives and to love Him and his Son Jesus, and in return he gives us peace, joy, love, eternal life and much more. 

To me, sin is way over-rated and the price of sin is only pain, hurt, and then death. Sin also can open doors to devils, this is not nice. So repent quickly and war to stand in righteousness where the peace of God abides and comes in by the Holy Ghost. Consider his name “Holy,” he is Holy. If the Holy Ghost is to come in you and to stay to fill you with the full power of peace and joy, then be Holy. Then he adds gifts with his power to heal the sick, to raise the dead, and many other great gifts and blessings for the list goes on. 

With that said, he in return would like your body (also known as your temple) to be Holy. So as the Bible says “be Holy as He is Holy.” Some make this far more complicated than it is, God can and does give power to us to stand. But again this is not complicated, yet it is not easy, for this is war. Good land is seldom easy to attain even if it is free. 

Desert land is vary easy attain and even easyer to defend for it has vary little value.

To be free from sin, you just need to say from your heart, “Sorry, Father God, I have sinned against you, wash me clean from all sin by the blood of Jesus”. Most times you will find the peace of God return within a short period of time. You will find the grace of God in this. Then work hard to fight sin in you and he will help you. Whatever you do, do not give up, no matter how you feel inside. If you fall, just get up again and run back to Father God again and he will be there for you. It does get easier to stand against sin as we grow and as the Holy Ghost shows you the traps of the devil to avoid. Even though the shame of sin can feel overwhelming at times, never forget the Father is there waiting for your return to his spiritual house where he is willing to forgive you your sin and cover your shame with white robes of righteousness.

So what does that Holy Ghost look like if one was to see him? Well to me, I have had on two different occasions been so blessed to have seen the spirit of the Holy Ghost. This is the account of what I have seen, but this account is not greater than the accounts of the Holy Scriptures. He has hands, feet, and a face that shines with light. I could not see what his facial features looked like. His body was like what some of us would call a spirit or a ghost, fitting for his name I would say. He also flew swiftly. He was mostly clear white, yet luminescent and he was clothed in flowing white robes. 

I would strongly suggest to you to not be lacking in knowledge of the word of God. In particular, I refer to the words of Jesus in the books of the Holy Bible, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The power of God begins there with the words of Jesus the Christ, for he is the word and the foundation. He can also save you from sin and the evil that goes with it. For he is the Savour of our life, the washer of our sin, and the giver of peace and joy to all that ask through the Holy Ghost. 

May the fullness of peace and joy of God so rest on you all.

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Joy - The Christian foundation of Joy comes in with peace. 

This great joy is also hard to be understood with the mind, and it is difficult to put into words because it is not of this earth. 

The price one would pay for this joy and peace in man dollars would be incalculable, yet it is free to them that seek and ask. Keep this in mind - even though the joy in the Holy Spirit is a free gift, it does takes action on our part.
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