Part of the price of this peace with God is to repent and believe in Jesus, He can take away this sin so that you can be clean and right with the Lord your God.

What repenting from sins to God means - is that once we have said that we are sorry, God forgives us. God no longer holds our sin in His memory. The sin is washed away in the blood of God’s Son, Jesus. In old times, a lamb without a blemish had to be killed for its blood and scarified to wash sin away. But Jesus became that Lamb and shed His blood for us on the cross. With Jesus’ blood we can stand clean and righteous before God and He no longer sees that sin.

What makes this so hard to do and makes overcoming sin difficult is that it takes humility, and risk of scorning to ask for forgiveness and you have to realize that what you did was wrong. 

Now for some Christians what makes it hard is the fact that their first repentance was based on a false doctrine. This doctrine plainly says that you stay a sinner instead of what the Bible says, that we are free from our old sins when we repent to God and are no longer sinners. This doctrine makes it difficult to repent for some, that they feel that one can never be free from sin like the Bible says we can. It should be the goal of all Christians to war against sin in their lives, even when it can be very tough to do at times. We should not give up the fight just because we may fall from time-to-time. Like I always say, “Just get up”. This doctrine feeds on well-meaning people that want to do the perfect will of God, but find the sin and the shame that follows in their lives. This makes the perfect will of God and to be free and clean from wilful sin seem un-accomplishable. 

How to repent from sinning against people? 

Just say you are sorry. This a very simple and important step. First say sorry to God and then to the one that was offended by your hurtful words or actions. This a simple step that is often overlooked by the church of believers because of its sheer simplicity. A heart-felt sorry goes a long way for most people. It is important to know saying sorry to some individuals does not always bring the results that are so desired, you know the part where they respond with, “I forgive you”. Sometimes you will see fiery red anger in their eyes instead of heart-felt forgiveness. At times these words of forgiveness we desire from others does not come, but that should not stop us from repenting from sin just because it is difficult. Good fruit will come in your own life when you ask others to forgive you even when you don’t get the desired results. God is always ready to forgive you even when others are not. Just remember that to have a big heart ready to forgive others quickly is very pleasing to the Lord Jesus and the Father who never forgets the deeds of a good heart.

What should it look like when we forgive? 

In short, there are three parts in righting wrongs. The offender is the sinner and needs to ask for forgiveness first from the Lord. The second part comes when they ask the ones who they have offended for forgiveness whenever it is possible. There are times when one cannot ask someone for their forgiveness. 

Example: There would be little hope of being forgiven from the one we are asking if they are already dead. The perfect will of God though, is that as a church we should be able to ask for forgiveness and receive it. The third part is to forgive your own self for what you did and also to purpose deep in your heart to not repeat that same action. God is also willing to help you, if you just ask Him. It is important to not make a vow or promise something you can not keep to God, for He remembers. Just say to the Lord you are going to try your very best to be true to your word.

Some sin has consequences to them that go beyond just asking for simple forgiveness. Such as, if the law of the land was broken, (as in murder, theft, abuse, and so on).  In these situations, restitution needs to be given for the wrong actions.

How to forgive people that ask for forgiveness or people that do not ask? 

Here are my thoughts on forgiveness and what the Bible say about it. I am “free to choose.” I was given a gift in this life, in that I can “choose”. So I use the gift of choice to forgive people, with no strings attached. For I know that I have also wronged others through life, and I would hope they would do the same for me. Forgiveness is a gift from me to them that ask.

There are times with forgiveness that’s just like giving to the homeless on the streets, I need nothing in return and they can not return what the gift is worth, even if they wanted to. Like the homeless, when I forgive a person, their life does not change dramatically because of the gift. It is me that is free to give the gift, and it is I that am free to love and be at peace because I choose to forgive. 

With that said, it does not mean I go looking for more sorrow, such as being around evil people if I can at all help it. Like the example of the homeless, he is not my dear friend and I do not trust him as a friend. They are a stranger with a need for something that I have, and if I have it - I give for it is pleasing to the Lord Jesus also.  

Knowing how to repent to God and knowing how to forgive sets our hearts free to have peace with God.

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Knowing how to repent from sins to God and knowing what repentance means is an important part of a Christian’s life and sets our hearts free. Even for some Christians, repenting from their sinful ways is not an easy task. To repent, as the Bible says, is to plainly say that you are sorry for the sin which was done.

This sorry should be meant from the deepest part of our heart to God or to the people we have sinned against. God is always willing to forgive us of our sins and return the peace that is of great worth. 
How To Repent From Sins To God - What Does It Mean