Choices to believe in something we can not always see with natural eyes. Most of the time we can see what God made, but can’t see God’s Spirit. This takes faith. 

We can feel the Spirit of God just like we can feel love, peace, and all the other emotions. When I find myself in sin at times, I feel lousy. When I repent from the sin, I then feel the peace of God’s Spirit return. Most of the time this does not come instantly, but it does come.

Christian faith should grow like a tree. It takes time, yet in its smallest of forms the seed can move mountains. Most of us have far too little faith due to the many doubters around us telling us to doubt. Doubt is a key killer of faith. 

The price we have to pay for our faith, I have to say, is high to many. God the Father sees this and will reward us accordingly. Things get exciting as we grow to the point where the healing of the sick and raising the dead begin. Yes, raising the dead does happen in our day and time. We do not hear of these great miracles as much as we should because of our enemy called “Satan” or the “Devil” wars against us. These things seem to happen in Africa far more often then say in the Canada where I live. In a lot of ways, this is because they have nothing to lose so there is less doubt.

Man Raised From the Dead After 4 Days in Nigeria

One story is how a pastor friend I know went to Nigeria, Africa, to the town where a man was dead for four days… yes! four days. This man was embalmed at the morgue and everything. He now carries his own death certificate.  Daniel Ekechukwu died in a car accident in Onitsha, Nigeria, 11/30/2001. 

His wife and others prayed for him to be raised. There is a video of the testimony and all. So what did he see on the other side? Well, heaven and then hell. This man saw a pastor in hell who was trying to tell him to make right the evil he had done by stealing money for his church, because of the torment there. The real intriguing part to me was that Daniel Ekechukwu was also a pastor. This makes the story very believable to me, in that what was said was a warning to pastors like himself, and not to the “rest of the people out there.” One side note I would like to add is, when there are great things that happen there are always the doubters, like I was at some points in my walk... Lord forgive me.

Miracle to Sick Man Healed Liver

This leads me to my next miracle because of prayer, this one I saw firsthand when I was 18 years old living in Barrhead Alberta Canada. My Dad was a heavy drinker at the time and because of painful knees, he was taking Tylenol for the pain. That mix made him vary sick and almost cost him his life. I came home from school to find that his eyes were badly bloodshot and seemed to be bleeding from the inside. So we took him to the hospital where he went into a coma. There was swelling on his brain and his liver was shot. 

Tylenol wrecks your liver if overused and with alcohol makes this much more acute. So the doctor said my dad had a 5% chance of living due to his whole body starting to shutdown… his kidney, liver, bladder, brain, and the next would be his heart. If he did live, he would have brain damage and would have need of a liver transplant. As you may know, they do not hand out free livers to people who drink heavy here in Canada. He was in the city so I went, an hour’s drive away, to our home. We had hogs and cows at the time that needed feeding on our family farm.

Just 4 days later, I went in to see my dad in the hospital. One of my church friends, Donna, told me at prayer time in church there was a move in the Spirit and healing came to my dad. This I could not believe at the time. Does Jesus bring healing in our day to someone like my dad?  And does He heal quickly for people who have a 5% chance of living and are close to being totally brain dead? 

I went and saw something I will never forget. My dad was sitting in the bed eating ice! He was making a rare, extraordinarily fast recovery, every test was coming back normal! All was healed!! Wow indeed a miracle! I was in great shock to say the least. At the time, my dad and I were not getting along very well because I had been radically rededicated to the Lord Jesus. He did not like this. I will never forget what he said to me next. He said, “What would Jesus say? You look like that of Jesus coming though the door.” This is the nicest thing I have ever heard him say to me, yet I think and hope what he saw was the Spirit of the Lord in me. 

We need more faith, prayer, and healing. 

There were many churches praying for my dad that Sunday. By faith, Donna’s Christianity could see something which most could not see at the time. She “knew he was healed” without seeing him at all. I thought he was a dead man. My dad had a full recovery within days, the only thing that lasted was his red eyes for about a month, maybe for a reminder of what alcohol does to a man.

There are some factors in Christian faith payers not coming to past, chiefly the evil spirits that war against our mind, our heart, and bodies. Sometimes we run out of time before we see the fruit of our labour and some die in this life being full of faith. God tests our faith with a plan to make us Kings and Priests in the temple of our God in the kingdom to come. He will give us many great things at that time, so in a way he sees if we have faith to believe in him when we can not see him clearly. Angles God has that see him, have greater power than man but man kind he gave the gift to become the vary Sons of God with power. Fair trade to me, the cost is high but the reward is greater.  

My hope is that everyone of you that read this get the opportunity to hear of Christian miracles and hope experience one yourself to boost your faith.There are many more stories to be shared at a later date here on this site.

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What is Christian faith? The Bible says faith is the substance of the thing hoped for. 

The most basic of Christianity faith starts with believing in God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who also is the doorway to God the Father by His great love and the blood He shed for us on the cross. 

There is one faith. It looks just like choices in a lot of ways. 
Christian Faith: Christianity Power to Raise the Dead

Daniel Ekechukwu Dead Man
Dead Man... But Lives!

Paster Daniel Ekechukwu Here he is holding his own Death certificate.