all things and from the Word of God, and the Holy Bible.  Oftentimes, we as Christians hear many words like Pray, Love, Faith, Hope, Be Good, Show Kindness, Humility, and so on. Yet, we find that there is so little said or explained of the “how-to-do” these things, the “where”, the “why”, and the “to who”. On top of this, there is very little mentioned on what you should expect from the doing these things, if you where to figure them out on your own. We are taught of the Holy Ghost, who was sent to help us to learn of God’s powerful ways. How to build Christian pillars is to learn of God, from those around us, and from every other method God uses to teach us, His children. We need to listen, watch, and learn from our experiences He sets in front of us.

So…what should we expect from the great God we serve and have faith in? 

Love, power, and a sound mind, and that is only the beginning of it! I can only scratch the surface, for there is a very long list of the good gifts of God.
This power can heal the broken-hearted, even as forgiveness lightens the load of hate and bitterness. This power also can cast out demons, which many times cause sickness. This power can raise the dead like Jesus did Himself, just as it is written in the Word of God. This power comes out of God’s vast love and brings a sound mind to seek Him, His Kingdom, and His ways of righteousness. 

What should we expect from the people around us? 

Many times it is the cross of suffering. People cause us pain and some of these people cause us no small mental anguish, even being our fellow Christians and all. It can appear, at times, like some of our Christian brethren, feel it is their duty to give us the nails for our hands and mocking for the mind. (Zechariah 14:6)  I can tell you from experience that this gives us a many opportunities  to learn to forgive, and I did say learn to forgive and this by faith. At these times, I go to the Father and pray as Jesus prayed, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  Who can blame a blind man for walking into a wall?  Who can blame him for thinking you to be an enemy? He does not have eyes to even look for fruit.

When afflictions come, many people toss in the towel of their faith. If this is you, all you need to do right now is repent and come back to the God, the good Father, who has much joy and peace for you. These are free gifts, but you will have to take the first step that way. There are lessons that God has planed for you, which will show you how to keep these gifts forever. There is a condition as well: you have to, by your own  freewill, choose to repent. Repent from the heart, a heart that God does see. Be covered by the blood of Jesus that washes all sin away. God will be there for you, to forgive you, to love you, and receive you. Then plant a seed of faith in the good ground of your heart. Plant it deep, so deep that no devil will ever steal your faith away ever again. If you let faith grow, it will one day be a beautiful tree so large, the angels of God will rest in those branches, and there will be people that find shade under the peaceful branches. They will feed their heart on the good fruit from the tree, which is love. True love that has no end.

All are called to have good ground. The devil sees it and tries to grow a crop of thorns, thistles, and weeds in the ground of our hearts, if we let him. 

There is good ground in your heart. If you can’t see it pray, “O God, show me the good ground in my life.” It will probably be the area most overgrown with weeds. This good ground is full of these weeds; this good ground is in need of the most work in your life. This work is possible with God. This work is not often done in one night. Like a tree, it takes time to grow. But anything is possible with God if you have faith to believe and stay the course. God will be there when you need Him to lift you up, or to wash you clean of your sin, if you have fallen. 

There are pillars to the chruch in Christ that will last forever. These pillars are to bring great life to the hearts of men and women that believe in Him. Christ Jesus set the standard when He died for us, when we were yet living a life of sin. This gift, that God chose to give us, was just the start of the good gifts that would come when we follow Him, seek Him and believe in Him, even when we do not see Him. For one day, you will see Him.

This is a good help page in this site for some how to repent.

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Christian Labour, Rest, Learn

The three words that are pointed out in bold text are from the book of Matthew.

The works of our faith are very heavy at times and when we labour with the works that are the perfect will of God, we need to learn His rest. Learning is key to our rest.  God is the teacher, we are the student. He is the father, we are like children that need to be taught.
With labour there is not all rest, and with rest there is not work. 

To learn rest is to bear His yoke with Him in faith. It is in the meek and lowly in heart, that rest can be found. So it is the meek and lowly of heart that find true rest because they have nothing left to lose.
Matthew 11:28 (KJV) Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.
29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest outo your souls. 
30 For my yoke is easy and my burden in light. 
The hope of this ministry, is to help you build an understanding of the Gospel to build strong pillars of faith in your life, which are built  on the foundations of Christ Jesus. We will to be putting things into bit-size pieces, as being one ministry that serves. The focus will reflect what I have learned from the Lord, as being just one part of the body of Christ which has many different parts. I do not have all the answers, but my heart is to give what I have learned from the One who knows  
How to Build Christian Pillars Of Faith, Power, Love in Christ Jesus
1 Timothy 6:11 (KJV) But thou, O man of God flee thise things; and follow after righteousness, goodiness, faith, love, patience, meekness. 

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